AI Unleashed: Integrating Hugging Face into Next-Gen Applications

Thursday, 16. May 2024 | 09:00 - 17:00


AI-powered features have been making the headlines recently, and their 'AI-ness' is often front and centre. The real challenge, however, lies in seamlessly integrating AI into applications so they're as closely aligned with the intended product experience as possible.

This workshop addressed this very challenge. Participants took an existing bare-bones application and augmented it with AI-powered features. The Hugging Face platform, Gradio, and the rich open-source ecosystem were leveraged to build these features, with experimentation involving different types of models for various purposes.

The workshop covered a variety of fundamental concepts while also guiding participants through building the actual application. Attendees left with the skills and knowledge to experiment with the best open-source models and integrate them into their products and projects.



Target audience

Anyone who is excited to learn how to integrate AI into their web applications!


Joshua Starmer
pngwn (Pete)
Software Engineer at Hugging Face