24 & 25 April, 2025 – Bern, Switzerland
Uphill Conf
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Relive Uphill Conf  2024

What speakers said about Uphill Conf

"This is the best AI conference ever. Not too big in size, but huge in terms of the quality of the speakers! And getting to talk with them all, one-on-one, was priceless. Truly a TRIPLE BAM!!!"
Joshua Starmer | Founder & CEO at StatQuest and Lead AI Educator at Lighting AI
Isa Silveira
"I was just telling my mom about the trip on the phone and told her it was my favorite conference I've been to in ages"
Elle O'Brien | Lecturer and Research Investigator at University of Michigan
Kwinten Pisman
"This was possibly the best organized event I've ever been to. Thank you for all your hard work. "
Chanel Greco | Technology content creator
Dominic Elm

Our focus: Applied AI for Software Developers

We will explore the profound and lasting impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on software engineering. Specifically tailored for software developers, Uphill Conf places a strong emphasis on real-world, practical applications.

Following a holistic introduction, we provide a variety of concrete and hands-on examples that demonstrate how the latest developments in AI can enhance traditional software engineering and problem-solving strategies.
Data visualization, Privacy, Low code, Transfer Learning, Exploratory Data Analysis, LLM, Data Annotation, Ethics, NLP, Dev Tools, Explainable AI, Chat GPT, Open Source, NLP


We were proud to have these speakers who inspired us at Uphill Conf 2024


On Friday, May 17, 2024, our speakers shared valuable insights in their talks at the conference. We have released all talks on YouTube.


The workshops were hosted by recognized experts and gave participants the chance for an immersive learning experience, featuring practical, hands-on activities.

Impressions from this year

The public
A lounge session with a speaker
All speakers on the stage
A speaker giving a talk
The public listening to a talk
A workshop
A speaker giving a talk at Uphill Conf
A lounge session with a speaker
All speakers on the stage
A speaker giving a talk
A workshop
The public
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Meet the Uphill Conf team

Organizing Uphill Conf is a lot of work. We are proud to introduce the people behind Uphill Conf.
Eric Postler
Eric Postler
Franziska Ackermann
Franziska Ackermann
Communication & Marketing
Matthias Junker
Matthias Junker
Event Manager
Samuel Lörtscher
Samuel Lörtscher
Event Manager
Stéphanie Rotzetter
Stéphanie Rotzetter
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Uphill Conf is an established and well-known brand in Switzerland. The conference is organized by a strongly motivated team and supported by Lambda IT, Software Catering, substring and iterativ. We are a non-profit oriented organization.
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A heartfelt thank you to all Sponsors, Partners and Supporters of Uphill Conf 2024!

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Why attend Uphill Conf

Get inspired by world-renowned speakers

Uphill Conf is pleased to feature speakers from around the globe who represent well-known companies such as Netflix, Google and Microsoft. These experts will share valuable insights you won't find anywhere else!

Expand your skills through our workshops

The day before the conference is dedicated to in-depth workshops, hosted by recognized experts. These sessions give attendees the chance for an immersive learning experience, featuring practical, hands-on activities.

Engage with speakers during lounge sessions

Uphill Conf offers more than just presentations - it's an opportunity to actively interact with our esteemed speakers. Our lounge is the perfect place to relax between sessions, providing an intimate space for engaging conversations with the speakers.  Don't miss our fireside chats and 'Ask Me Anything'- sessions held in the lounge, where insightful discussions await you.