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Miquel Farré

Miquel Farré


Miquel Farré is a seasoned engineering leader with a rich background in spearheading innovation at renowned tech and entertainment giants. Having played pivotal roles at Google/YouTube and Disney, Miquel has demonstrated a keen ability to create and lead high-performance engineering teams.

His expertise extends into the realm of deep learning, where he has made significant contributions to integrating cutting-edge technologies into various stages of the content creation and distribution chain. From the meticulous process of dataset creation to the seamless deployment and maintenance of advanced models, Miquel has been at the forefront of bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and real-world applications.

In his current venture, Miquel is pushing the boundaries of technology by delving into tree farming automation. His focus on leveraging the power of machine learning and robotics underscores his commitment to exploring novel avenues where technology can drive efficiency and sustainability.